Friend of the Fair

Friend of the Fair

The 2019 Ingham County Fair is very proud to announce Keith & Janie Ferrier as the 2019 Ingham County FRIEND of the FAIR.

Keith and Janie are the “Flower Power” of the fair. They plant and take care of all the flowers and plants all over the fairgrounds-and have done so for many years. The fairgrounds would be pretty dismal looking without their magic touch. Janie is also an exhibitor in the home arts and the daily cooking contests.


These quiet and unassuming people spend countless hours taking care of these flowers and ask for nothing in return. They also have made numerous donations to the fairgrounds in the way of plants, plant care items, and even the fans that we enjoy in the Shirley Clark Pavilion.


Click on pdf link here:  FOF-APP.pdf 

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